Using AI to empower customer-centric roles

Join us for a practical webinar filled with real examples on how AI and automation can improve your business. Learn from Make and Automation House how to improve your customer experience.

Data webinaru:
60 min
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We will tell you how AI can transform your marketing and sales efforts. We have prepared a webinar for you full of concrete solutions and practical examples with MAKE, that will change your approach to business.

What you'll learn:
Optimise the Youtube Channel to rank high and maximise your organic traffic.
Generate content for your Social Media using your internal knowledge base.
Use your best content to increase your reach with every article you post.
Real-world examples: Get easy-to-follow tips you can use right away.

Sara Kahankova

AI Transformation Lead from Make: At Make, she helps companies use AI and automation effectively. She has worked on data projects at Le Wagon and cybersecurity at BNP Paribas. She also volunteers at She Loves Data and researches legal NLP.

Wojciech Burczyk

Automation Lead from Automation House: Wojciech is an expert in automation with rich of experience in various fields all over the Europe. He creates and uses AI solutions at Automation House, helping many businesses in Poland work better and faster.